Hello, 2017


As a kid I always thought a year felt like an eternity, but now that I’m older I can’t believe how incredibly fast the years go by! This time of the year for me is when I reflect and make a new set of personal goals for the year. I’m not a fan of the whole “resolutions” bit but I do like to give myself  a few goals to help better myself every year. There’s always room for improvement!

Here are some of the goals I’ve set for myself for twenty seventeen (in no particular order):

ONE// Keeping My Car Clean

I know, I know. This one is a bit odd, but hear me out. I am someone that likes to have a clean and neat area to work with no matter what I’m doing and driving is no exception. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told myself I’ll toss out that piece of trash, recycle that plastic bottle or remember to take something out of my car. Somehow I always convince myself that this time will be different and I will keep my word, but unfortunately that never happens. Before I know it I’m driving inside a car that looks like it was taken right out of an episode of hoarders! OK I’m being a little dramatic but this year I really want to make a better effort at keeping my car clean and tidy. You know what they say, clutter in your physical surroundings creates clutter in your mind!

TWO//  Time Management 

Since I’ve graduated from college I haven’t given myself a set schedule to follow, like having designated work/relaxation time. And I really miss having one! I’m someone who likes to sleep in but I’m also a person who is most productive in the morning. As much as I love my sleep I much rather wake up early and have a few good hours of productivity than feeling sluggish the rest of the day and not getting to what needs to be done.

THREE// Hydrate

This is one I try to work on every year. It’s so important to keep your body hydrated and I must admit this has been a challenge for me. It’s so much easier to grab a soda than a bottled water. However I’ve recently started putting lemons in my water and it is SO GOOD.

FOUR // Explore

Moving from a small town to a metropolis has brought on so many new places to discover and see. I truly can’t believe how big Dallas is. When I first moved to the city I would make an effort to try something new every week. This can be something as simple as finding a new park or a great place to eat at. I’m definitely continuing that tradition this year.

FIVE// Live A Healthier Life

As I’m approaching my mid twenties I’ve quickly realized that living a healthier life includes taking care of both the inside and outside of your body. Nowadays it’s too easy to get consumed with just our physical appearances. I’m not saying it isn’t important to take care of your body I’m simply saying it’s also important to take care of your mind. There are a couple of self-help books that I’ve had on my bucket list like You Are a Badass that I’ve been meaning to read (Brave Enough is also one of my favorites!) Also, I’ve found some great 30 minute workout videos on Youtube that I can’t wait to try. Here’s to having a healthy body and mind in twenty seventeen!

Did you make some goals for 2017?  


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