On My Bookshelf

Since I graduated from college I have had a lot more time to read. It’s one of my favorite pass times. I love fiction books however there’s a couple of non-fiction books that have made it to my bookshelf. So without further ado here are the books I’ve been reading.


This was my first non-fiction book and I definitely picked a winner. This was very motivational and eye opening. It follows Malala’s journey as her country is taken over by the Taliban. It shows how her every day life is impacted and how her and her family cope with losing their home. This book had me at the edge of my seat. I Am Malala is definitely a must-read for everyone.


I read Wonder along with one of my best friends and it was so much fun to compare how we interpreted the book. The story follows Auggie who was born with a deformity and is going to the 5th grade and public school for the very first time. What I loved about this book the most is that it takes on the various views on how they see him. It is one of my all time favorite books. If you get any book from this list, get this one. All of my friends and family  have read it and loved it! Rumor has it that it will be a movie soon and I’m a bit skeptical because I loved the book so much. I’m excited to see what they make of it.

I grabbed All The Bright Places not knowing what to expect. I read the first page and thought it was interesting so I picked it up for a quick read. I ending up loving this book. Full disclaimer: it’s a teen romance BUT more on the mature side. If you liked the Fault In Our Stars I definitely think you’ll like this. The story follows Theodore and Violet after he finds her on top of the bell tower wanting to end her life.  I cried so many times while reading this book so if you’re not into those type of books I would say skip this one.

I’m still reading this one but so far so good! If you read my recent post then this book comes as no surprise to you. If you want to know how Chip and Joanna met and how they got to flipping houses then this is the book for you. You get to really know the Gains family and how Magnolia came to be. both Chip and Joanna narrate the story so it makes it that much better. It makes for a fun and quick read!


I’ve never read anything by Cheryl Strayed but have been a fan of her words of wisdom on her Dear Sugar podcast. I wouldn’t really call this a “book” because it’s a quote book but it’s a good one. If you want some straight forward amazing advice.. look no further.

What have you been reading? I’m always on the hunt for a good book.  


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