Valentine’s Day Outfits

One of my favorite parts about Valentine’s Day is getting to dress up. You can usually find me in a cute top, some jeans and flats but I take Valentine’s Day as the perfect excuse to pull out that dress I’ve been dying to wear. Whether you’re going on a date or spending time with the people you love I think there’s something in here for every occasion.


DATE NIGHT IN // Everything about this dress screams my name. The floral print and ruffles give it a cute but chíc feel to it. I picture wearing this out to a dinner with some cute heels or flats! OR if you’re staying in and cooking dinner for you and your beau I think this is a great option.


EVENING OUT // Say you’re going somewhere a little more fancier and are looking for some  va va voom. Look. No. Further. I love the wine color of this dress (I also love the black!). It definitely fits the occasion. I’m usually not one to show a lot of skin but the back of this dress is so gorgeous and feminine!!!! I think if you love it… why not?


DAY DATE // How cute is this lace-up dress? With the weather being so unpredictable sometimes you just have to play it safe. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise your outfit. This will look so cute with some white sneakers if you want to be comfortable or some wedges (is it too early to start pulling those out?) to dress it up a bit.


GIRLS NIGHT // Who says Valentine’s Day is just for couples? It’s about being with the people you love. So grab your gals and go have fun! This jumpsuit has fun all over. I’ll be honest and will say I’m not crazy about the shoes the model is wearing but with the right shoes this one’s a winner. You can go for a monochromatic look or add a pop of color with some red pumps if you’re really feeling the love.


STAYING IN //  The previous Valentine’s Day my boyfriend and I decided to stay in. We were tired (meaning me, lol!) and we didn’t feel like going out and waiting in line to eat at a restaurant. Honestly, it felt like we were doing it more out of “obligation” than us genuinely wanting to go. We really just wanted to stay home and cuddle up to watch some movies. I thought this slip was so cute and perfect for that type of night.


Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the love you have for the people in your life. While I love to dress up and get all dolled up it really doesn’t matter what you wear, where you go or whether you have a date that night. What matters is that the people you love know you love them and that they love you.



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