January Lifestyle Favorites

I can’t believe how quickly January flew by! Just yesterday it was Christmas, wasn’t it? This month wasn’t one of new beauty finds BUT I did promise to share some lifestyle favorites. Here’s what I’ve been loving:

Plant // How cute is this little plant?! I wanted to add some green to our space and had seen something similar online but was sold out. I went to HomeGoods and found this beauty! I think it looks so real!

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Pretty Little Liars // I have been beating around the bush that Pretty Little Liars is ending this coming season. I just love it so much! So what better way to avoid the end than to rewatch the entire season on Netflix?! Totally worth it. I find myself finding new clues and loving the girls’ friendship even more. Here’s the trailer if you’re interested in watching.


PODCAST // I never really listened to podcast’s until this past year. I love listening to it while I clean, shower or get ready. I especially love Dear Sugar, Modern Love, and Lady Lovin’.


SPOTIFY // While we’re on the topic of listening to things I just love Spotify. Lately I’ve been listening to the “acoustic morning’s” playlist and it’s stepped up my morning routine. I usually feel pressured and anxious to get things done right away and this really slows me down and allows me to pace myself. If you aren’t following me yet, you should! I have tons of playlists.


MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE // I may be jumping the gun here as I haven’t finished this book yet but it just keeps getting better and better. The story follows Hannah Martin as she moves from New York to her hometown L.A to start a new life. She is then faced with a decision that can change her life completely. In concurrent storylines the author shows us how Hannah’s life would be based on her decision. Definitely recommend!


What lifestyle favorites have you been loving this month?




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