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I have had a hate/love relationship with my iPhone recently. I am convinced that Apple bugs all phones to slowly deteriorate after a new release. It’s been acting so weird but I can’t tell you how excited I am to get the iPhone 7 Plus. I only have a few days left until I can upgrade and once I do I’ll be downloading my favorite apps again. When I first got my hands on a smartphone I downloaded every single app I thought was interesting or fun. I easily had over fifty apps (yikes). Now? Not so much. I find I like a clutter-free phone with apps that help make my life simpler and easier. 

Some of the apps I use on a day-to-day basis while others I use occasionally but they are still game changers. A bit of a disclaimer here, I do have an iPhone so I’m not sure if they are available on Google Play but for the most part I think most of them are. Here are my must-have apps on my phone right now:


Google Maps // This may be an obvious one but ever since I moved to Dallas I have used Google Maps every single day. My favorite thing about this app is that it lets you see what areas have accidents or traffic in your route. I also like that it gives you a time estimate of how long it will take you to get to your destination. Simple but useful.

VSCO // This is one of the best photo editing apps I have ever used. I think it’s simple to use while also giving you a lot of control over the features you wish to highlight or correct. This is crucial to me because you always want your photos to look natural and not overly filtered. Every time I upload a photo I will use VSCO. My favorite filter is C1 which is the “theme” that you see on most of my Instagram photos.

Google Photos // I’ve already mentioned this in my week in review from the week before so I won’t go into too much detail. But really there are only four words you need to hear to have you sold: free unlimited photo storage.

Pay by Phone // If you live in the city like me then you know how frustrating it is to go somewhere that requires you to use a meter only to realize you left all of your spare quarters at home. Ugh! This has happened to me before and it’s the worst. Private parking areas can be expensive, especially if you’re just looking to go in and out of a place. All you have to do is insert your vehicle information and add a debit or credit card for the app to bill. So now every time you have to use a meter you simply type in the meter number, how long you’ll be there and viola! You’re good to go. It also sends you a text message when your time is almost up so you don’t run the risk of getting a ticket.

Spotify // My absolute favorite music app EVER. So much that I have it on my computer, phone and iPad. The commitment is real. It is free to download and listen to. If you don’t want to listen to the adds in between songs you can upgrade to Spotify Premium for $10.00 a month. BUT if you’re a student you can get a discount and pay $5.00, which is really not bad considering how much you would spend if you would buy every song you wanted. You can create playlists or listen to ones that have already been made. They also have a feature where you can listen to music based on your mood. How cool is that?!

Cash // It took me a little while to get the hang of how to use Cash but once I did it was a breeze! My friend Kristie introduced me to this app when she had bought an event ticket for the both of us and I needed to pay her back. All you need is to insert your card info and you can send any amount of money you’d like. This is so much easier than having to run to the bank to take out some money. First world problems.

Starbucks //  Who doesn’t love going to Starbucks and grabbing a coffee? Now imagine being rewarded for it? Um, yes please. When you sign up you get a free birthday drink (heck yes!) and for every item you buy through the app you accumulate points that put you on different levels. Each level has a different range of benefits like free refills, special discounts (buy one, get one free), early access to PSL (don’t judge me), etc. which is really nice considering how much I’ve spent buying coffee. #NoRegrets You can even order through your phone and just show up and grab your cup of coffee if you’re on the go or simply because you’re cool like that.

Cartwheel by Target // I saved the best for last. Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by Target? Me. Every. Time. Honestly I don’t know what i was doing with my life before I discovered this app. There are so many discounts it’s insane!! I recently bought a pair of shoes and it took the price down by ten dollars, that’s a great amount of savings if you ask me. These offers are only available through the app so it’s essential for you to download it if you want to save some money. They have discounts on everything not just small items. You add all the coupons you find, add them to your cart and at checkout you just scan the barcode. You can use this at the self-checkout as well however you won’t see your savings until after you hit the “ready to pay”tab so don’t worry if you don’t see your savings when you scan it. You’re welcome.

Any apps that you love that I should check out? Let me know! 




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