Week In Review

It’s been such a fun week. I was able to get together with some of my girlfriends throughout the week and really enjoy their company. I also could not get enough of this weather. Dallas has had some pretty great weather where it’s not too hot and not too cold. A perfect combination for some outdoor fun which is nice considering the humidity and high temps Dallas gets around the summer. I’m hoping it sticks around for the weekend because I’ve been really wanting to go to the zoo! Today’s week in review is going to be a little different, most of my week consisted of trying new places in the city so I thought I’d share some of the standouts:


Katy Trail // When I first moved to Dallas I heard a lot of talk about this trail and somehow forgot about it until this past weekend. It was a beautiful day on Sunday and Roger and I really wanted to be outside to enjoy it so we paid a visit to the trail. I’d be lying if I said the walk didn’t give me a run for my money as most of it was going uphill (or at least that’s what it felt like). Nonetheless it was so much fun! I loved being surrounded by trees and greenery. It’s my favorite. I’m planning on making this a weekly thing.

Yolk // To be completely honest I have never had brunch. It’s been more of a I’m craving breakfast at midnight sort of thing.. whose with me on that one? This was my first time trying this place and I really enjoyed it! I had the very berry french toast and it was delicious. While it is a chain restaurant it didn’t feel like it and the food and service was great. I recommend. In case you’re wondering, I went to the one in The Plaza at Preston Center.

Eno’s Pizza Tavern // Right in the heart of Oak Cliff is Eno’s and it fits perfectly in with all the cute local shops alongside it. I was completely charmed by how homey it felt. It gave me major cozy cabin vibes with amazing pizza attached to it.

Zara // I love being trendy as much as the next girl but trends come and go and there’s no point on investing in pieces you’ll only wear for a few seasons. While I knew Zara existed I’ve never bought anything from their store. I popped in this past weekend and found some great pieces on sale. I was really impressed with the quality of their clothes and their ability to keep up with trends that just hit fashion week not too long ago. They also sell some great men’s clothing if you want to pick something up for your beau.

Sugarfina at Northpark Center // Ok how come no one told me Sugarfina was opening a store in Dallas?! I mentioned Sugarfina on my last minute Valentine’s Day gifts (hint: gummy bears with champagne). I mean what’s not to love? I didn’t have a chance to stop by but believe me this weekend I’m going straight for the goods. And by goods I mean drowning myself in gummy bears and champagne.

Any other great places I missed? Let me know!


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