Maybe In Another Life

I have been overdue on reading a really good fiction book. I stumbled upon this one when looking over The College Prepster’s “to-read” list on Goodreads. I’m so excited to have found Maybe In Another Life. Thanks Carly! I briefly mentioned it in a week in review when I first got my hands on it. Now that I’ve officially read through the entire book I can share with you my take on it.

Although this was a fiction book I found it so relevant and relatable to this day and age. When Hannah Martin moves from New York to her hometown L.A to start a new life, she is faced with a decision that can change her life completely. We are then able to see what Hannah’s life would look like based on her decision.


I really love how the author chose to write this book. With alternative chapters it instantly hooked me in and eager to find out what would happen in the next one. What I loved most about this book was Hannah’s raw emotions. I found it charming and refreshing to see a character so self-aware. I wish I could be the same!

If you’re on the hunt for a new book I definitely say to check this one out. This was my first time hearing of Taylor Jenkins Reid and I’m excited to read some of her other material. I’m currently eyeing Forever, Interrupted and After I do. Crossing my fingers that they’re as good as this one!


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