Week In Review

What a week it’s been! I had a few days off this week so I took this as the perfect opportunity to get back into the gym. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’ve actually been enjoying myself! If you know me you know I absolutely despise the gym but lately I think I’ve turned over a new leaf. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the type of workouts I’ve been doing and my playlist.

On another note I also had the opportunity to finally upgrade my phone. I know I’ve been saying this for some time now but this week I actually had the time to do it. I opted for the iPhone 7 Plus. I vowed once I was ready to upgrade I wouldn’t get the Plus again but once I saw the quality of the camera and the matte black color I was sold. I love it so far. While some things are the same so many are different that really gives you the full iPhone experience. I love it. I also got a pretty sweet deal on it since I traded in my iPhone 6 Plus and in return they gave me $180 for it. I used this money to put it as a down payment towards my new phone so my monthly payments are about $27 which is not bad at all!

Anyway, here are a few standouts from the week:

ONE // Ellen DeGeneres Senior Class Scholarship Giveaway

This is hands down the best thing I’ve seen all week. Ellen really outdid herself on this one. A total tear jerker. The looks on the students faces after she tells them she’s paying for their college tuition is priceless! What’s more is that some of these students will be the first to attend college in their family. Amazing!!!!

TWO // Carly Rowena 

This girl is the reason I have enjoyed my workouts so much. I just love how uncomplicated she makes her workout routines. She’s also so creative with them which I can appreciate. If you’re bored with your routine or are just starting to hit the gym I’d say to give her videos a watch. Trust me, you’ll feel the burn in the best way.

THREE // Hello-Sunshine

I love anything that involves Reese Witherspoon. When I heard she was launching Hello-Sunshine that is dedicated to telling female-driven stories I was stoked! I’m all for woman empowering woman. Although they are set to launch some time in 2017 I can’t wait. I know it’s going to be good. #GirlPower

FOUR // American Girl

Even if you’ve never played with dolls or owned one you have heard of the iconic American Girl dolls. I remember being mesmerized by each doll when I would see them at the toy store. This year their new doll launch is special because it’s… a boy! This article was interesting but honestly it was peoples reactions that were so hilarious.

FIVE // Ollie

We have a new member in the family! This past weekend my mom rescued a little cat who she named Ollie. It was so unexpected but he quickly showed us he was the missing piece in our family we didn’t know we needed. He is so incredibly sweet and I’m glad my mom chose him. I’m really proud to say that he is the sixth fur baby we have rescued. He’s the youngest of them all so it is like having a new baby in the family. I mean just look at that face! So cute!!!!




One thought on “Week In Review

  1. Claudia says:

    I’m so happy you’re finally enjoying your workouts! What a better way to enjoy your days off. It’s so amazing what Ellen did for those students . Knowing that there are still kind people in this world it’s so gratifying.
    Can’t wait for Reese’s female stories. We need more of that #GirlPower
    I still remember those American Girl dolls!
    What more can I say about my little Ollie. He’s such an adorable and sweet little cat. He immediately won my heart!!


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